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About Us

Medicure Farma came into existence in 2022 and since then it has worked with utmost honesty and dedication to scale up its operations and provide quality products at the most affordable and genuine prices. We have team of peoples having years of expertise in production, distribution, sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals. With the help of these experts Medicure Farma is emerging and growing very fastly to become leading pharmaceutical company in Angola.

Medicure Farma is having ability to systematically give merchandise and services that meet client and applicable statutory and regulative needs. For improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements we aim to reinforce client satisfaction with the effective application of the system.


Regarding the supply chain of our company, our supply chain consists of a big network of individuals, organizations, resources, activities and technology which makes sure that everything required in the process is always delivered on or before time and in the best possible form. From the delivery of source materials from manufacturer to the end user, everything is always taken care of in a very efficient manner by our expert supply chain team. To make sure that the process of product distribution goes on smoothly, we collaborate with renowned logistic firms to serve our customers in the best possible way. We also own a fleet of controlled temperature vehicles for local distribution of healthcare products. All these arrangements are facilitated by us so as to make sure that the quality of our products always remains stable in efficacy and our clients are 100% satisfied with our healthcare products.


Medicure Farma also engages in the marketing, Ethical promotion and distribution of its own-brand’s pharmaceutical products with an intention to provide quality healthcare products, specially designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of the populations of the Angola. Medicure Farma has successfully created its identity as one of the most efficient Pharmaceutical Marketing Company. Our range of products covers almost all kind of deseases like Anthelmintics, Anti-Infective, Analgesic-antipyretic & Antinflamatory, Anti malarials, Cardiac & Diabetic, Gynaecological, Nutraceutical, Respiratory and many more.

We get manufactured all our brands with WHO- GMP certified companies and ISO standard companies for manufacturing genuine medicines at affordable prices. All the products we sell are manufactured under the strict monitoring, guidance and supervision of our expert quality assurance and quality check teams. It helps us to meet our customer expectation with each delivery.


Medicure Farma is majorly involved in the distribution of Medicines, Healthcare products, Surgical equipments and Hospital equipments to a very broad clientele. Medicure Farma commercializes and provides whole sale distribution of pharmaceutical products of many laboratories, assuring an effective supply in the national and international pharmaceutical market.

Medicure Farma collaborates with MNC to carry out the distribution of WHO and EU-GMP approved healthcare products in Angola. We are in collaboration with Portugal companies as well to serve European standard products in best affordable prices.

Our Mission

We care about health of each individual, updating the priests and needs of patients of all ages.

Our Vision

The global health organization that provides affordable and high-quality productsto improve quality of life.

Our Values

Customer Focus

We Strive to understand and meet our customer’s needs in a professional and responsive manner. We focus on building long-term partnership for mutual benefit and take responsibility for delivering on our commitment


The efforts and energies of our people across all levels and geographies are aligned to deliver outstanding results to our stakeholders. We encourage diverse opinions, yet work together with well-coordinated efforts.

Passion for excellence

We relentlessly pursue excellence through innovation. We continuously work to improve all our processes and projects. Our standards are benchmarked with the best in the world.

Respect and Care

We provide equal and fair opportunities for employment, learning and career development. We are compassionate and sensitive towards all our stakeholders and treat them the way we would except to be treated.


We Conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty. We insist on the highest ethical standards and transparency from our employees in all interactions. Everything we do must withstand public scrutiny.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We empower our employees to initiate ideas, explore avenues and offer solutions that add exceptional values. We encourage them to take ownership to their efforts and to assume responsibility with passion and conviction.